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CIBUS 2018

CIBUS 2018

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Italian Cow Milk Mozzarella-Burrata 120g pot

Dairy preparation constituted by an outer soft shell of pasta filata cheese and an inner filling of mozzarella and cream
Italian Cow Milk Mozzarella-Burrata 120g pot
Energy 910/217 kjoule/kcal
Protein 13
Carbohydrates 1,3
Fat 18
Product code: 40368
Ingredients: Outer shell of mozzarella containing a cream filling: milk, cream (35%), salt, rennet.
Rind: No rind
Texture: Soft and supple paste
Colour: White
Taste: Sweet, peculiar to milk
Ripening: -
Shelf-life: 22 days
Technology: Glass with brine

The technological scheme of Burrata is very close to the one of  Mozzarella Cheese, except from the stretching step (“filatura”) and the filling step. More precisely, to obtain the outer “shell”, we must first realise a “pasta filata” foil -around one centimetre in thickness- that is then moulded to obtain the desired shape. Afterwards, the shell is filled with “pasta filata” filaments together with whey cream (obtained by centrifuging the whey deriving from Mozzarella Cheese production). The shell is then tied in a knot on the top; this step is realised at a warm temperature, guaranteed by warm water used during the stretching phase. The Burrata is submerged for a few minutes in salted brine (the so called “salting” step). At this point, the product is packaged in a plastic bag, in a plastic bowl or in parchment paper, ready to be sold. At the moment of consumption, you will appreciate its smooth surface, porcelain white colour and its creamy sweet taste.

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