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Ambrosi’s logo

Ambrosi’s logo

The Ambrosi Group logo is linked to the founder, Ottorino Ambrosi, and his experience during World War II as a fighter pilot in the prestigious Italian squadron "Francesco Baracca". This air force unit flew the Fiat CR.42 fighter and was based in Sorman Libya. It had previously been a cavalry unit. Thus the fuselage of all of the fighter planes were adorned with a prancing horse. During the Second World War, the squadron served in Russia, the African continent and in many Asian countries.

Ottorino Ambrosi was a member of the 368bis 151 group squadron based in Libya during the Second World War. Having flown for the famous Francesco Baracca squadron, the highly decorated Ottorino Ambrosi was granted the privilege of using the prancing horse logo as part of his dairy company’s logo.

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