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CIBUS 2018

CIBUS 2018

 Pavillion 2 | Stand COO2 


9 December 2011

Brenta Stagionato cheese


The milk is used for this wonderful cheese is collected locally from the Italian Alps where the variety of grass is unique, thus imparting a particular flavor that is sweet, full-bodied, and herbaceous, but not overpowering or heavy. It evokes the taste of fresh milk ! Brenta is aged (stagionato) for a minimum of 80 days ! Brenta Stagionato takes its name from the river Brenta that runs through Trentino Alto- Adige and the Veneto regions to the Adriatic Sea. This Cheese is great served with either reds or white wines; try Merlot, young Valpolicella, Prosecco or Pinot Grigio. A phenomenal cheese that is sure to please!

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