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CIBUS 2018

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Pecorino Romano DOP grated 100g

Italian hard D.O.P. cheese made from sheep milk, with an 8 - months - long maturation period
Pecorino Romano DOP grated 100g
Energy 1612/388 kjoule/kcal
Protein 25
Carbohydrates 0
Fat 32
Product code: 30110
Ingredients: Sheep milk, rennet, salt, ferments
Rind: -
Structure: Grainy
Texture: Stiff
Colour: From slightly to decidedly straw yellow
Taste: Savoury and piquant
Ripening: 8 months
Shelf-life: 120 days
Technology: Bag. Packaged in protective atmosphere

There are few cheese products in the world that can claim to have origins as old as those of Pecorino Romano Cheese. For over two thousands years, the flocks of sheep grazing freely in the pleasant countryside of Lazio and Sardegna have produced the milk to produce this cheese. The ancient Romans had a real passion for Pecorino Romano Cheese. It was considered a fitting accompaniment to the main dishes and banquets held in imperial palaces, and its fine conservation properties helped make it an excellent ration during the long journeys of Roman legions. Pecorino Romano Cheese invigorated tired soldiers, and now we know why: this cheese is like an injection of energy, and is also easy to digest.

Today Pecorino Romano is produced in the same exclusive zones of origin utilizing the same procedure of centuries past with the only difference that the processing operations are carried out in very modern cheese factories, technologically advanced in order to guarantee that the product meets the necessary health requirements.

Pecorino Romano Cheese is produced exclusively in Sardegna, Lazio and in the province of Grosseto in Tuscany. While taking advantage of the innovations made available by modern dairy techniques, it is still made naturally in the time-honoured way. After the fresh sheep’s milk has been delivered and coagulated, the cylindrical forms of cheese are subjected to a constant temperature and level of humidity for the maturing process.

Thanks to its excellent flavour and unique properties that require the need for special transportation and conservation operations, Pecorino Romano Cheese is particularly suitable for exporting. The way Pecorino Romano is made means that from an organoleptic point of view its texture, smell and flavour remain practically unaltered. With its characteristic aroma, the intensity of which depending on how long it has been matured, and its typically strong flavour, Pecorino Romano Cheese is a symbol of Italian genuineness and unique flavours all over the world.

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