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CIBUS 2018

CIBUS 2018

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Smoked Provola

Italian smoked pasta filata cheese, obtained from pasteurized cow milk
Smoked Provola
Energy 1450/346 kjoule/kcal
Protein 26
Carbohydrates 1,8
Fat 26
Product code: 40044
Ingredients: Milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments. Acidity regulator: citric acid E330
Rind: Thin skin, yellow
Structure: Pasta filata, uniform without holes
Texture: Stiff paste with typical pasta filata" layers"
Colour: From slightly to decidedly straw yellow
Taste: Smoked
Ripening: 7 / 10 days
Shelf-life: 60 days
Technology: Vacuum pack

It belongs to the Pasta Filata Cheese group, characterised by a light brown colour and made with raw cow milk. Kind of production process and its duration are very close to “Fiordilatte” Mozzarella Cheese. The main difference is represented by the smoking step: the Provola Cheese stays for a few hours  in a closed room, in contact to smoke produced by burning whey. This process has as a consequence a longer shelf-life, as well as  the development of peculiar organoleptic properties. The Provola Cheese, globular shaped, with a weight range of  400-500 grams, can be preserved in the traditional “latticello” (buttermilk), at room temperature, for two or three days. The amount of whey still present in the product, that varies from one producer to the other, influences the firmness of the structure.

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