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Technical sheet

Fresh grated Grana Padano cheese 5g

100% fresh grated Italian D.O.P. hard cheese obtained from raw cow milk, packaged in protective atmosphere
Fresh grated Grana Padano cheese 5g
Product code: 23187
Ingredients: Milk, salt, rennet, Preservative: lysozyme protein from egg.
Rind: -
Structure: -
Texture: Mealy, adhesive and mouldable
Colour: White and/or straw yellow
Taste: Delicately savoury
Ripening: in compliance with the requirements fixed by Disciplinare DM 07/06/02
Shelf-life: 90 days
Technology: Bag. Packaged in protective atmosphere

Energy 1597/384 kjoule/kcal
Protein 33
Carbohydrates 0
Fat 28