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Technical sheet

Mini mozzarella 8g -150g Tray

Mini portions of Italian pasta filata cheese, obtained from pasteurized cow milk, with a spheric shape, 8 grams each unit, packaged in a 1Kg bucket
Mini mozzarella 8g -150g Tray
Product code: 40331
Ingredients: Milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments.
Rind: No rind
Structure: Pasta filata, lactic acidification
Texture: Soft and supple paste
Colour: White
Taste: Sweet, peculiar to milk
Ripening: -
Shelf-life: 30 days
Technology: Bowl with brine

Energy 886/213 kjoule/kcal
Protein 18
Carbohydrates 0,4
Fat 15,5