Our organizational model

Our organizational model


We work day after day to improve our company, enhancing the work of all the resources employed. We have developed an organizational model that could be a useful tool both for the review and integration of the decision-making and operational processes of the company, and as a control tool to better rationalize the procedures to ensure compliance with the law.

The adoption of this model allows us to:

Raise awareness among employees and stakeholders

Encouraging them keeping a good and clear behaviour in accordance with the social and ethical ambrosi’s values.

Safeguard the company as a whole

Protecting directors, managers, partners, employees and shareholders from the exposure by onerous penalties of pecuniary or interdictive nature.

In addition to the Organization, Management and Control Model, we set up a Supervisory Board which guarantees the control over the observance of the Model and the Ethical Code and over the proper management of the company.


Satisfying the needs and expectations of our stakeholders is one of our primary objectives, which is why we have drawn up our Code of Ethics: a document that sets out the reference principles to which the company adheres, informing stakeholders and guaranteeing their interests.

Here are the basic principles:


We work in compliance with the laws in all the countries in which we operate, and we do so with fairness and honesty.

Transparency and traceability of the operations

We provide clear and complete information. We use objective criteria for the choice of suppliers, based on assessments of quality, competitiveness and economic conditions.

Segregation of function

To ensure maximum control, the individuals who authorize, perform and verify the correctness of transactions are always separate.

Honesty and neutrality

We comply with competition laws and fairness in business practices, working free of conflicts of interest, unfair, deceptive or aggressive conduct.


We pay great attention to our customers, providing a wide range of high quality products and services.

Centrality of human resources and equality

We promote respect for all, rejecting discrimination at all levels. We hire only with regular contracts, respecting people and their rights, promoting the training of employees, with the aim of increasing the wealth of individual and corporate skills.

Responsibility towards the community

Aware of the impact that our activity may have on the context in which we operate, we make investments in a manner compatible with the needs of local and national communities, actively supporting initiatives of social value.