Our certifications

Our certifications

A guarantee towards consumers

We have always strived to guarantee the best in terms of product quality, safety and environment over the years. That’s why we worked in order to obtain certifications attesting our commitment.

ISO 9001:2015

certifies the existence of a system of quality management, which improves the effectiveness and efficiency in the realization of products in order to obtain and increase customer satisfaction.

IFS - International Food Standard

is a standard developed by the large-scale retail trade that is applied at all stages of the production and processing chain of raw materials from agriculture and livestock. The objective is to ensure compliance with the requirements of quality and safety of food as well as compliance with the laws governing the sector.

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

is a specific global standard for the safety of food products. The objective of BRCGS certification is to ensure the quality and safety of food products offered to consumers by suppliers and retailers.


All the milk we use in Ambrosi comes from stables certified according to the Classyfarm standard, a guarantee for the consumer regarding the level of animal welfare. This standard, combined with ISO 22005:2008 certification, ensures full traceability of the product throughout the supply chain, from field to table.

ISO 14001:2015

environmental certification, which reduces waste and provides assurance of a systematic approach to environmental emergencies.

ISO 45001:2018

occupational health and safety certification, which helps companies implement policies, procedures and controls in line with international best practices.


Organic farming is regulated at European level by EU regulations n. 834/2007 and EU n. 889/2008, which define the system of production, processing, labeling, control and certification in the European Union.organic regulations also set precise rules for the preparation of plant and animal products, aimed at limiting the use of additives, flavorings and other non-organic ingredients with mainly sensory and technological functions.

ISO 22005:2008

guarantees the full traceability of the product throughout the supply chain, from field to table.


Good for all

Our commitment to respect for diversity is also reflected on our choices. We worked on the BIO brand for certain products in order to obtain Halal and Kosher certifications and to offer products suitable for the needs of all consumers.